Emmanuel is a 12 year old boy surrounded in mystery. His origins will be revealed later in the season. Like The Bedouin, he is quite powerful - and wise beyond his years. Even The Pleiadean seems to cater to him.

When he meets with General Karydis in a secret underground laboratory in Dulce, New Mexico we learn a little bit about his wisdom and power. While standing over the body of a giant humanoid creature, the general directs his attention to a chart on the wall, which displays the Pleiades star cluster and asks him, "Are you able to bind their influence?" The boy confidently answers, "I am." then tosses up a Klerksdorp Sphere and asks, "But will you be ready when Iapetus turns?"

Note: The above actor has not yet been attached to this project. This image is submitted
simply to show the "type" of person we are looking for to play the character.