Jessica Caine

Jessica Caine is a Annie Wershing type. She is the daughter of Dr. Norman Caine, but she does not get along with him at all. There's a lot of bad blood between them - much of it having to do with the mysterious death of her mother and the strange illness of her brother Seth. Jessica was engaged to Zak. After "losing" him in 2003, she hasn't been very good at maintaining romantic relationships and has therefore become a workaholic. She is feisty and not much of a rule follower. She works as a reporter for the Dallas Morning News (where she has a flirty relationship with Sam), but if it weren't for her exceptional skill at getting what she wants, she probably would have been fired long ago.

Note: The above actor has not yet been attached to this project. This image is submitted
simply to show the "type" of person we are looking for to play the character.