Lt. col. terry knight

Lt. Col. Reggie Knight is a Boris Kodjoe type. He was with Zak Randall on the 2003 Iraqi mission to look for "weapons of mass destruction" when something extraordinary happened. But he was knocked unconcious by The Bedouin and never saw the cause of it all. At the time, he was a Lieutenant under Zak's command. Today he is a Lt. Colonel still serving in the U.S. Army and stationed at the Pentagon. For the last seven years, he has struggled with radiation poisoning and a gnawing desire to learn the truth about what happened to him and his fellow comrades out there in the desert. When he discovers Zak is still alive, he sets out to find him.

Note: The above actor has not yet been attached to this project. This image is submitted
simply to show the "type" of person we are looking for to play the character.