The Story Synopsis

The pilot episode of SEED the series is called, "YESTERDAY TODAY WAS TOMORROW." This is a synopsis of the story that will kick off the series.

The story begins with soldiers in Iraq (circa 2003) looking for weapons of mass destruction. But what they find is far worse than anything any government could stockpile. The team is led by Cpt. Zecheriah "Zak" Randall into an underground tunnel that was discovered deep inside a hillside in a remote desert region of Nippur.

After a terrifying encounter with the Fallen Angel Azazel, Zak's team gets wiped out and he barely escapes with his life. Emerging from the cave of Dudael, a badly wounded Zak is met by the Bedouin, a mysterious, Obi-Wan-Kenobi-like old man who heals him, and then inexplicably transports him out of time and space.

Lt. Terry Knight was part of the unit that was in Iraq with Zak. His team was assigned to protect the perimeter. Aside from Zak, he is the only other surviving member of that mission.

Zak returns seven years later only to find himself in an Arizona desert region, two hours north of Tucson, totally confused and disconnected from all that he knew and loved. His quest to find answers begins here.


Believing Zak was killed in Iraq , his (former) fiancee Jessica Caine has moved on with her life. She is a reporter with the Dallas Morning News. Together with her staff photographer, Sam Hernandez, they end up following a lead on a story that takes them to the Hick's family farm in northern TX. There, they discover a very large crop circle formation. Later, Sam realizes that this formation, which appeared on July 11, 2010 looks exactly like the famous "pictogram" which appeared in Wiltshire, England twenty years ago.

The military shows up at the Hick's farm with intentions of removing all traces of this crop circle. But someone or something does not want it destroyed. Among other things, the crop circles can heal physical ailments and they also seem to have a power that draws people to them. Jessica is one such person.

When she returns home, her father, Dr. Norman Vincent Caine pays her an unwanted visit. They have a strained relationship and Jessica wants nothing to do with him. But she quickly realizes that the man standing at her door is not really her father, but rather someone who has taken on his appearance. This stranger transports the two of them away just as the real Dr. Caine arrives.


Meanwhile, out in the desert, Zak struggles to find his way back to civilization... and answers to the many questions running through his mind. He receives rides from several individuals that ultimately take him to Tombstone, AZ where his father (retired colonel), Grant Randall lives in isolation. Along the way, Zak begins to realize that he has been displaced in time for nearly seven years and somehow transported from Iraq to Arizona. He is also given some information and an artifact (that we will learn more about later).

Grant can't believe his eyes when the son he thought he had lost shows up at his door. After hearing Zak's story, he realizes that this is the doing of General Victor Karydis and that since Zak has returned, the military will likely come looking for him. He sends his son off to find Zak's brother who lives in Dallas, Texas. But first, Zak most go to Portal, Arizona to rest in safety for the night.

Now a Lt. Colonel, Terry Knight discovers Zak is still alive. With orders from General Karydis, he sets out to find his friend... and the answers to the many questions that have plagued him since 2003.


The last thing we see is a young man named Emmanuel walking through an extensive labyrinth of corridors in the underground Dulce, New Mexico base. The young man walks by several confinement cells that each contain various creatures, some animal-human-hybrids and pregnant women. When he comes to the last cell, we see a female body lying on an operation table. Upon closer investigation, we discover it is Jessica Caine!

To Be Continued...