Zachariah "Zak" Randall

Zak Randall, formerly Captain Zechariah Randall is a Chris Hemsworth type. Disciplined and strong, he is a natural leader. But when a mission to look for "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq in 2003 turns up something far more dangerous, his whole life changes. After a terrifying encounter with the Fallen Angel Azazel, Zak barely escapes with his life. Emerging from the cave of Dudael, a badly wounded Zak is met by The Bedouin who heals him, but then transports him out of space and time. Zak returns seven years later only to find himself in an Arizona desert, totally confused and disconnected from all he knew and loved. His quest to find answers begins here.

Note: The above actor has not yet been attached to this project. This image is submitted
simply to show the "type" of person we are looking for to play the character.