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As you may already know, right from the start, this has been a grass roots effort because we believe it is not necessary to sell out to big, corporate controlled media in order to get this project out to the masses. We know that we have the power and the technology to do this ourselves. All we lack is the initial funding to get started. With enough interest, we can show potential investors, independent production and distribution companies that there is a built-in market for SEED, which will help us get the ball rolling that much faster! All we need you to do is simply fill out the form below and click the "SHOW IT!" button. This will also put you into our SEED database to receive any and all e-mail updates that we will be sending out in the future.

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Check out the first episodes of the SEED Audio Drama!

by Rob Skiba 5/30/14

The Prologue and Episode 1 are now done and up on YouTube for your enjoyment. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Casting nearly complete!

by Rob Skiba 4/30/14

We've cast nearly all of our principle actors. We are now in production on the first episode of the SEED Audio Drama! Stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, you can still submit for any of the remaining characters by going to the Casting Call Page.


First casting call for the SEED audio drama

by Rob Skiba 3/1/14

Finally! We are now hosting casting calls for our SEED audio drama. The character break-downs and sides are available on the site. You can see all of this and book your 30 minute audition timeslot by going to the audio casting call page: READ MORE

Our new SEED office is finally set up!

by Rob Skiba 1/9/14

First, allow me to take a moment to thank those of you who have supported us over the past 3 years. You believed in us when we had next to nothing to show for it. That faithful support enabled us to accomplish much in a short period of time. Now, we are ready to finally take it all to the next level. Allow me to give you on a little tour of our new SEED office. READ MORE

The SEED composer

by Rob Skiba 1/8/14

Back in June of 2013, I announced the fact that we had an award-winning film composer working with us. I was not able to reveal his name though until now. A few weeks ago, I sent out an official Letter of Intent to his manager. She just wrote back and sent a signed copy of the LOI, indicating that it is now OK to reveal his name. READ MORE

Closed on the new SEED office!

by Rob Skiba 12/31/13

It's been a long road trying to get SEED off the ground, but we've finally laid enough of the foundation to start getting the ball rolling. I've been searching for a new office for our project and after much comparing and negotiating, we've finally found a home. Beginning January 1, we will be moving into our new office space in the Colonnade building in Addison, TX! Stay tuned for more.

Major Website Overhaul

by Rob Skiba 10/30/13

It's been long overdue, but we've finally decided to give the SEED website a major overhaul. This new site will reveal a lot more than the old one did and provide more opportunity for people to get involved with any or all of the various projects associated with SEED. READ MORE

Initial test of Zak's arm growing back

by Rob Skiba 8/16/13

So, we feel pretty confident that the Azazel model is going to work out well for the live action Trailer. But what about the scene where Zak's arm grows back? I decided to recruit the owner of the local Herbalife smoothy bar down the street to do a test. My friend Anthony Anderson was gracious enough to let me digitally cut off his arm and grow it back. READ MORE

Planning on reshooting the SEED Trailer as live action

by Rob Skiba 8/10/13

We made the original SEED Trailer back in 2010. It was done as a "concept animation" at the time because we did not have the budget to shoot it as live action. Well, all of that is about to change! We just bought a 3D HD camera and are planning to redo the Trailer as live action. READ MORE

Fleshing out the SEED characters for the Graphic Novel Series

by Rob Skiba 7/12/13

We've been trying to get the Graphic Novel Series off the ground for a while now. Unfortunately, we've had several setbacks, which have prevented us from moving forward as fast as I had hoped. So, I decided to tackle the project myself. READ MORE

New music for SEED!

by Rob Skiba 6/15/13

It always amazes me the contacts that come into my life. I don't yet have permission to reveal this person's name, but an award-winning film composer, founding member and drummer from a heavy metal rock band I used to listen to all the time back in the '90's recently contacted me and expressed his interest in SEED. READ MORE

Azazel gets a make over

by Rob Skiba 4/30/13

Once we realized we had the ability to do a live action shoot of the SEED Trailer, the first potential obstacle was the Azazel creature. Shooting live action sequences is easy. Creating a 3D character that looks photo-realistic enough to integrate with the live action is another. So, I upgraded some of my software and took another stab at Azazel. Early tests look promising. READ MORE

NOTE: All proceeds collected from this page will go directly toward the Live Action Series project.



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